Monday, January 30, 2012

Adventures of snowy roads and bad tires

To conclude my drawn out tales of the week, I’ll have to dedicate this last post to the adventure I encountered on Thursday.
Thursday is generally a good day. Why? Because this semester I only have to drive down to college three days a week, which means that Thursday is my last day of school. This past Thursday though was not the smoothest one that I’ve experienced because the adventures of the week continued. The morning and early afternoon classes passed quietly and normally, but my friend and I had to drive back down to the dreaded Art Center for a pottery class. (No, I didn’t drive again!) It was dark by the time we were heading back to the campus so I could pick up my car and an icy snow had been falling for some time, giving the roads a slippery coating. I ran from my friends car to my own, shivering as I cleaned off the snow and jumped in to crank the heat. I barely made it up one of the hills as I left the schools parking lots and grimly thought “oh boy, this is not gonna be a fun ride home.”
The combination of my heavy car, the balding tires and the slippery roads forced me to creep along all the back roads at a maximum of 30 MPH. Somehow I made it up (and down) some steep hills without causing damage, but I did slide off the road twice going around a curve. Both times I was able to keep enough control over the car so I could direct it enough to end up with only my front tires in someone’s lawn the first time and then I managed to slide into a driveway the second time. After driving for about 45 minuets, I was on a rare straight stretch of road when, guess what happened? I ended up completely off the road. Barely avoiding a road sign, I slid along the edge of a deep ditch, sliding up and down both sides and nearly nose-diving into the wall of it, before the car finally came a stop on the bottom. After that I called my dad, and about 12 people stopped to ask if I was ok, did I need anything, was help coming, etc, a nice police man came, and after making sure everything was ok, parked next to the ditch with his flashing lights on and waited until my dad pulled me out. I didn’t even get home until about 8pm that night, when on a normal night I would have been home around 6:30. Needless to say, it was a very long day.
I’m glad God has a good sense of humor though. He must have seen that I desperately needed something to laugh about because while I was sitting in my car, my water logged eyes caused me to fumble with the radio dials for a while before I actually found the right one, and it flipped onto a country station. Of course the one song that was playing was ‘Jesus take the wheel’ by Carrie Underwood. I sat there and had to laugh at the irony of it all and thank God that he kept me safe through the whole ordeal.
Yes, I finally got my winter tires put on my car now.

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  1. Whew, you've had quite the adventures recently! Love how "Jesus Take The Wheel" came on to top it all off... I am very glad to hear that you have winter tires on now.