Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Arctic Buddies

Last week my youngest brother turned 7. He is a whole seven years old now! No one here can believe it, or rather, we don't want to believe it. Never the less, we had a party to celebrate and the house was invaded by many little bodies with heads only reaching up to my waist or hips. Since the birthday boy loves snow, it is common for him to pick and arctic theme, last year he had polar bear cupcakes, and this year he asked my sister and I to make penguin cupcakes. We were up for the challenge!
All of the items needed, ready for construction!

The night before the party, we began to assemble the cupcakes, working on piling the "supports" onto the cupcake its self. We had to stop when we realized we didn't buy the right frosting to coat them with and that we didn't have the right items to make it at home either. The next day I went into town and bought the frosting that was required and proceeded to make the cupcakes with my little brother watching over my shoulder and talking the entire time.
The first one ready for decorations to go on!

Making some friends so they don't get lonely.

The first one of complete! He is rather round though :)

After a few experiments and accidents, I got the penguin making down to a system, (which my brother approved of because I was 1. making them faster so that meant that 2. there were more little leftovers he could eat!) and made about 10 of the little guys.

There is some of the colony! (sorry, not a great picture)

Of course I was seeing everything that I would have like to perfect or change and my sister would just say "they are going to be eaten by a bunch of 7 year olds...I don't think they'll notice the little things!" I guess she was right because they were gone within minutes of being handed out!
Now after writing this, I'm in the mood for more baking and decorating...hmm, what shall I make next?

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  1. AAWW, those are SO CUTE. Little brothers are wonderful because they'll eat what you make...no matter what it looks like. =)