Tuesday, March 26, 2013

In the Months Gone By

I feel as though the last couple months have been a whirlwind, and yet I look back and wonder what makes it feel so. There hasn't been any one thing particularly exciting, but maybe it's all the little things that makes time fly.

We love having our friends over for a formal party around Valentines Day. It's a night of scrumptious food, laughing and dancing.

Back in December, I chopped my hair short! Well, it's short for me. I cut off a braid that measured 15" and then cut about 4 more inches off so it came just above my shoulders. I do this every couple years so I can donate it to Locks Of Love which makes great wigs for kids going through chemo.
Last year I helped the local florist make boutonnieres for the prom, which was lots of fun (I got to see my corsage ahead of time too) and this year I was asked to come back and help again with the corsages which are more complex and time consuming. We had a little refresher course a couple weeks ago and I made one that was lighter and smaller than most of them. They really are rather bulky and heavy sometimes, it makes it awkward to wear them when they are slipping and sliding all over your wrist. I do like the combination of the spray roses, carnations and daisies though.

Ohhh my! Have I discovered the most wonderful chocolate meringue recipe! I shall have to share it with you all once it is perfected! (yes, these are the things I get excited over!)
I woke up on the first day of spring to several inches of fresh snow on the world. While everyone at work was complaining that it should be warm by now I couldn't help but love how beautiful it looked sparkling in the sun that afternoon.

Have you ever chased the sunset?
It makes for such a beautiful past time.
Last night we celebrated Seder with some good friends.

It is amazing to think of how this tradition has been carefully carried out over so many hundreds of years.
Maybe you've heard of the Jane Austen stamps that are being made in the UK to honor the 200th birthday of Pride & Prejudice. I couldn't resist ordering some because while I obviously can't use them here, I love stamps and keep my favorites in a stamp collectors book my Opa gave me years ago.
Now since I bought my stamps, The Royal Mail service is mailing fliers to advertise new collections. The newest one coming it Doctor Who stamps. I don't know if my bank would like me to keep ordering them though, I accidentally froze my account trying to order the Jane Austen stamps!
Speaking of the UK and whatnot, look at my new tea tin! I know its terribly cliche, but I do love it!
I've been reading a textbook from the Culinary Institute of America. It's quite fascinating too. Though it makes me rather hungry.

Oh look, I've officially been accepted into a small college about an hour away. I'm now getting the paper work taken care of, dreading the placement test, lost in the mess of financial aid, and so excited to be enrolled in the Culinary Arts program!
I recently did my own taxes too, but there is nothing exciting to say about that, nor a picture that adequately describes my feelings on the subject. So I shall close this post.
Have a happy day!