Saturday, January 26, 2013


Words…what are they? They make a kind of communication, to make the human race work. These sounds that immerge from a hole in our face, more commonly known as a mouth, is somehow is our way to communicate with each other. The different inflections and intonations, tones and pitches we give to the words make all the difference in what we say.

They sort things out and yet cause problems. They are conversations, fights, songs and poems. They are speeches, apologies, books and newspapers. People buy them, sell them, trade them and steal them.

You see them everywhere you go, the store, school, signs, television, and you hear them even more. Sometimes kind and sweet, sometimes harsh and cruel. Sometimes stupid and regretful, but sometimes meaningful and unforgettable. They can make someone’s day better, or can completely ruin it.

Words are love and promises one day and then hate and brokenness the next. They can give happiness, joy and excitement, but those feelings can be taken away and replaced by sadness, sorrow and depression, all by merely using different words.

Words can have an effect that no one could imagine. They can do more damage than one would expect or ever knew was possible.

Words…what are they? They are power. They can change the world for better or worse…its up to you how you use them.