Sunday, January 15, 2012

I am addicted to book stores and their bargain tables...

Last week I went to Barnes and Noble to buy a book for the upcoming semester. In theory it sounded like a good plan, but once I walked in, I immediately got distracted first by the shelves of classics, and then by the bargain table. On the table I found this beautiful book.
It was originally $25, but then was put on the bargain table for $20, and then, because the edge of the cover jacket was a tiny bit damaged, it was put on the clearance table for $10!

I grabbed it and bought it, afraid that someone might come looking for this exact copy. I even forgot about the school book, which was the whole reason I went to the store! When I got home, I looked through it cover to cover, and then looked through it again with my mom. Here are some of my favorites. (All the following images are from the KCI digital archives. Web address at the bottom of the page.)

Early 19th century stockings-England (I want some!)

 A white cotton muslin dress with white embroidery. 1802, France

Gala gown with train and embroidered white silk shawl. 1805.

Day Dress. Plaid silk taffeta, five flounces. 1850, England

Day Dress. White cotton tarlatan with silk-satin sash. Late 1860's

Corset. Blue silk satin. 1880's, France.
(The bust on this measures about 30" and the waist about 19"! Ouch! I also don't know why this one is so small. If you go the website, you can zoom in very closely and see so much detail)

Ball gown. Pale green silk satin, embroidered with silver threads and sequins. 1888, Paris.

Evening dress. Pale green chiffon and velvet. S-curve silhouette. c. 1900

Blouse: Grey plain-weave cotton. Pleated skirt: white linen. 1893, America

Evening dress. Christian Dior, Autumn/Winter. 1955, France

There are soo many amazing and stunning gowns in this book, and you can access images of some of them online at . If you ever get the chance to purchase the book, I highly recommend it! It has given me hours of entertainment and so much inspiration for the upcoming dresses I have planned.

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