Monday, January 30, 2012

Adventures of tap dancing and improv scenes

Oh the adventures I have had over the last week! And I blame it all on the fact that I wore this shirt the day they started!

On Tuesday, the adventures were small, but entertaining. The ice rink was closed during my break at school so I got out my sketch book, (I have become nearly inseparable from it over the past couple years.) and came up with several new dress designs. While I was waiting in the theatre for my acting class to begin, there was a women who had been helping with auditions that day still hanging around waiting for the next round of hopeful young actors to arrive and exhibit their skills. She skipped up onto the stage with her tap shoes on and began to do a very happy, energetic dance. She then turned to three people who had been up close to the stage and invited them to come up and learn the dance. Since I was sitting more towards the back of the room, I just watched for a while smiling to myself, remembering how badly I wanted to learn to tap dance when I was little, mainly because I had adored Shirley Temple as a child. Despite the fact that I was sitting down, it wasn’t long before my feet started moving to the beat of the tapping, imitating the stomps, hops and “ankle flicks” that were being performed on stage. By the end of the 10 minutes, I had learned the tap dance along with the others. Shortly after the impromptu dance lesson, all 18 theatre students were immersed in the warm ups and getting ready to tackle the next assignment: performing an improv scene with another person. The catch? We were each only allowed to say one word. My word was Moon, and my partner’s was Sun. We had to communicate some sort of an idea to the audience by only speaking the word assigned to each of us. It is so odd to try and explain to someone. The scene escalated from a little “tiff” that the characters invented, and continued into a full blown argument with Mike yelling “SUN!” and myself only yelling back “MOON!” It ended up being very comical to watch all the pairs interact with each other and I found myself finally enjoying an improvisation exercise.

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