Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Hi there! (to whomever is reading this) I have been wanting to start blogging of the many little things in  my life but never knew exactly how or when to start. I now have a perfect reason. I will be going to England this fall, and after touring around some of the country side, I will end up in Bath for some of the Jane Austen Festival with the rest of the group I'll be with. So, my thought was to begin my blog with something that makes my heart happy and that is sewing and putting together historical outfits. From the chemise and corset to that hair styles and hats, I love it all. And that is mainly what wil appear in the following posts, I do believe. That, along with books, tea, music, and my adventures with baking that is. Heres to hoping it isn't too terribly dull!

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