Monday, January 16, 2012

Mom's Christmas Gift

Ever since we moved into this house we've been using the same stove/oven. In the oven there was a "hot spot" in one corner so we had to make sure to keep rotating whatever we were making. Another quirk was that we had to set it 25 degrees lower than what the recipe called for. To add even more personality to the mix, several months ago a burner on the stove broke, leaving us with 3 burners. At times it was frustrating to try and coordinate large dinners with this contraption. Then, this Christmas, my Dad did his research and bought my Mom a brand new oven! After it was back-ordered twice, we finally were able to pick it up yesterday and installed it last night.

The stove that served us the best it could for nearly 11 years (and who knows how long before that!) is now out of the kitchen. I can't say I'll miss very much though!

And in it's place is this shiny new stainless steel one. Complete with not just 4, but 5 working burners, a fantastic oven (with even hot spots! and it's also a convection oven)  and a warming drawer

I don't know who is more excited about it, me or my Mom! I cannot wait to bake something yummy like a cheese cake or meringues, both of which I wasn't able to make with our other oven. Normally I'd be planning what I could make starting the moment I got up in the morning, however, tomorrow I start my spring semester. (Pro: I get to take lots of fun classes like acting, pottery, high ropes, etc. Con: I can't stay home to  bake, play piano, sew, and read all day in my comfy pants and hoodie.) Oh well, I'm looking on the bright side, which is that this is my last semester! Hurrah for only 16 (or so)more weeks!


  1. Hello dear, thanks for following my blog! Yours looks lovely. Hoorah for the new oven! Your old one reminds me of one we had once. We had to subtract 100ºF off the temperature every time we baked something. There's something charming about quirky old appliances, but it's exciting to update!

    1. You're welcome! I was excited to find your blog! I agree about the whole quirky appliance thing and I might be sad if the stove had been our only one, but it's not...we have plenty more :)