Sunday, March 25, 2012

Such lovely people...

I have been able to do so many things with such lovely people lately. Let me just say first off that I think Daringside is wonderful! What or who is Darlingside you might ask, well Darlingside is a newer band that is starting to get their name out more. I got to see them play earlier this month and they are fabulous!
Surround - Darlingside
(the sound quality of this isn't the greatest, so you should probably go buy the album)
I love their music style and they band members are really down to earth and fun to talk with.
They were performing in the basement of an art building. Such a perfect venue!

Getting ready for the show.

I took my three youngest siblings out for an afternoon of skating and fun treats. The littlest one is 7 and has never been on smooth ice before (they skate on the swamp in the winter!) so he was falling all over the place! The first thing he asked when he got on was if there was a machine to make the ice so smooth. He was in awe of everything. We went across the street to Price Chopper and bought some snacks to munch on for the ride home.
He thought the individual Ben & Jerry's ice cream was the best and got it all over his face!

I've decided to make an effort to be more active and try to eat a little more healthy meals. I like to run so I've been doing that lately, but my friend invited me to go hiking with her and a couple other friends. We set off at the bottom mt. Anton at Merck Forest, VT., and made it to the top surprisingly quickly considering it was really steep. Coming back down we took some different trails which ended up being rather entertaining since we weren't exactly sure where we were going sometimes. We charted the hike after and found we had hiked about 6 miles and our legs were not very happy with us! The rest of the day we tried to do things that required minimal least with our legs.
We could see for miles at the top

Here's the group photo at the top. And, no, my friend an I didn't coordinate the plaid shirts.

I recently found out that one of my very good friends had never been skating in her life! Shocked and appalled by this information, I set a date to kidnap her and teach her how to skate. The first time we ended up sitting on the couch and watching Disney Princess movies all day. (Which, if you're not going to go skating, vegging out to Disney movies is a good way to spend the day.) But the second try was more successful. By the end of the afternoon, I got her to skate around the rink without touching the sides at proud of her! ;)
Since she and I are both fairly tall (5'8" - 5' 9") we generally don't wear high heels....ever. So whenever we go to the mall we have to stop at a shoe store and wobble around on the tallest heels we can find. We're actually not too bad considering we never wear them!
The silver ones where completely covered in glitter.

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