Monday, March 19, 2012

March Comes in Like a Lion...

Every once in a while that phrase applies to the month and this March was one of those times for us. March first rolled around and with it came the first real snow fall we've had since October! My excitment was soon subdued when I realized my school was the only one in the state (ok, maybe not the state, but pretty darn close) that wasn't closing for a snow day. The funny thing is that for up-state NY, a 6 - 8" snow fall like we had is a normal event most winters, and most schools wouldn't think of closing for that little bit. But because schools hadn't been giving out snow days due to the lack of snow, they were ready to give them out now. Needless to say, not many people showed up for classes. I think the largest class I had that day was maybe 8 people in my Lit to Film class, which is normally one of the bigger classes I have.
Zeph helped me shovel out the van before I left.

I love country roads.

The drive to school was beautiful.

I love it when the snow sticks to all the branches.

When I got to school, I ran into the field house to get ready for volleyball, only to find that I was only one of two students who showed up for it! So we spent a couple hours passing and serving to each other... my bruised arms weren't very happy with me after that.

I love this weird thing hanging from the ceiling.

The windows are tinted shades of green, blue and a light purple-ish and its looks really cool when the light comes through the colors.

I spent my break reading, eating Nutter Butters and watching the snow fall.

It was kind of nice to be on campus when there weren't many people around and everything was so quiet. But I was glad to get home and be cozy under blankets with some hot tea and a good book.

The snow can make the campus look so pretty sometimes.

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