Monday, October 15, 2012

From the City to the Peak District!

Now, I shall finally start to get some posts and pictures going here! This post is from the 11th of September.

Such a busy day! We went to Platt Hall and got to handle some of the costumes there. It was amazing to be able to see a hold to gowns, spencers, petticoats and jackets and examine the construction of them. I took so many pictures of the items, but unfortunately, I am not allowed to post them on the internet or show them to anyone who was not there. :( . However, there were other adventures throughout the day that I can happily share!
Suzie, trying to make us understand a lacing technique.


Inside Platt Hall was so beautiful!

                     I went to lunch at the Witworth Gallery with a bunch of the lovely ladies
                                       I had a wonderful bruschetta with fresh mozzarella.

 Jeanie and I saw wonderful Sarees in some window displays. Look at all that beading/embroidering!
Inside the shop. So many colors!
Another shop we found sold the Saree fabric on bolts. Jeanie couldn't resist! The shot on the right shows one of the kinds she got.
We all met up again at our hotel and enjoyed some tea while waiting for our bus.
Super cool chairs in the lobby. I want them.                                   The doorman outside our hotel.

We packed up and left Manchester that afternoon.Then all twenty-something of us on a huge bus, chatting or reading (or sleeping), made our way out of the city and into the breathtaking peak district!


Two Photos of the Peak District
Jennie and her sweet little baby
Left: rainbow in the peak district.                   Right: our room in the Rutland Arms Hotel in Bakewell.
The view from our room (my room mate Joy, and my room)
I needed a cuppa tea after the drive.
We were told to meet in the dining room for dinner, and this is what awaited us!
I know this post has been filled with more pictures than explanations, and yes, there are a few more coming. If you have no interest in food, feel free to consider this post done. However, if you love to eat and wanna see some good food, keep reading! (well, looking and drooling is more like it.)
My starter was a tomato basil soup.
My main course was chicken with leeks and mushrooms and a brandy cream sauce.
And to finish up, fresh fruit with raspberry sorbet and a brandy snap!
Bakewell is famous for its bakewell pudding (which is not at all like American pudding) so this was another popular dish.

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  1. happy times! so nice to see your pictures. it was a wonderful trip. hope all is well.