Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Meh, who really needs to do their homework?

The past couple weeks I have been procrastinating when it comes to my school work because I've been so caught up in dreaming up costumes for my England trip. I watch all the Jane Austen movies I own (which are a lot!) and sigh at every dress, bonnet, spencer and pelisse. I am a proud owner of the Regency Gown Pattern, the Elegant Lady's Closet pattern, the Regency Underthings pattern, and the Regency Spencer/Pelisse pattern all from Sense & Sensibility Patterns. If you have never looked there for historical patterns, now is the time to start! They are all such perfectly lovely designs and, from my experience, relativity simple to assemble as well.
As I am in school and still looking for a job, my funding is limited, so all I can do for now is dream up ideas and draw then out so I don't forget them. I have been able to make up a few "test" bodices, stays and a spencer out of some muslin to get an idea for sizing...I want everything to perfect, I mean, it is going to be worn at the Jane Austen Festival! I am so very excited for it!
So now, my dear readers, if you have any suggestions for me as to where I can find fabrics, bonnets and accessories for my regency outfits (or any outfit really!) that will be created in a few months, I would be ever so grateful for them.

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